Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jesus' hand

Just yesterday, I was in Lawrence’s house together with a few others. We were all just soaking in God’s presence. Then I saw Jesus standing in the centre of the room and to me to touch each one according to how I see Him do it. Being led by the spirit, I laid hands and prayed whatever God showed me. Came to this lady and placed my hand on hers. Then Jesus prompted me to avoid contact and just place my hand above hers. I could feel something like electricity passing from my hand through the air space, and into her hand.

Later she shared that before I can to lay hands on her, she saw a vision of Jesus placing His hand on hers exactly the same way I did later. When my hand touch hers at first, she was distracted because my hand was kinda cold. But when I lifted my hand she could still feel someone’s hand on hers. It was Jesus’ hand that touched her.

It was way cool to be led by the spirit and just  imitating Jesus! It was also way cool that Jesus touched her in such a supernatural way!

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